Sons and Daughters

img_4567Sons and Daughters,
Let your heart not be troubled: If You know me as your Father, then know that I have Many Rooms available to you in My home, And I have gone to prepare a special Room for you when I bring you home to Me, this is so where I am you will also be. I am the Way the Truth and the Life, no man can come to me except that he believes in My Begotten Son that I sent to die for you and your transgressions. You must live Though and in me, In My spirit and truth as my Son did while He was living as a natural albeit Spirit filled man on earth. I am Your Lord and God (Yahweh) and those that have seen and know My Son Jesus (Yahshua), have also seen me and know me as their Father and Lord. No longer can you say to me show us the Father, for I have already revealed myself to you through my Son. Find it also in your Heart to believe I am your Father and the Father and the Son are one and the same. I came to you and spoke with you as a natural but Spirit filled man that you would be able see, touch and talk to me, but also to show you that I Dwell fully inside of my Son. And that it was me the Father, with my Spirit living inside Of my Son Jesus (Yahshua), that preformed the miracles that Were done. I did this so you would believe me that I am the Father and I am one with My Son. Believe Me when I say the works that I did when I was a natural Spirit filled man you shall also do, Even greater works and miracles will you do in and through My Spirit, that also lives in you. The Son has returned to the Father and I have sent My Spirit to you while you are still living in the Natural world, while you are awaiting My kingdom to come. My Sons and Daughters, Whatever you ask of Me in the name of my Son Yahshua (Jesus) if it is for my purpose and will, that I will do for you. I do this for you so I will be Glorified by you as My Sons and Daughters, As you are living testimony living in Me and through Me. If you love and serve Me and you will keep My covenant to Love My creation and serve only me, I will send My Spirit at your request, so you may Glorify me though the supernatural power of My Spirit. My Spirit will only come and live with those who serve Me, I will provide My Spirit in Love and Truth until I bring an end to the current state of my creation here on earth. The carnal man of their father Cain, cannot and will not ever know Me as their God. I have made this way in the supernatural for Me to live through you and you in Me. I did this so the natural man can see My Ways My Truth and My Life. You will become My Favorite New Song My Supernatural Spirit Filled Servants. I have provided My Spirit to you because you have chosen to know Me and Love Me as your Lord and your Father. Because of that I will know and receive you as My Sons and my Daughters, to live with me for eternity. 

Amen, Amen, Amen

Matthew W Conway son and Servant of Yahweh