Revelation! According To His Will!


Walk In Faith

Blessed is our Lord God Yahweh and Father of our Lord Yahshua (Jesus) Christ, who according to His abundant mercy has given us a Great Hope by the resurrection of His Son from the dead. Who has also given us an inheritance that is not subject to death or decay, One that is Morally and Spirituality Pure, for our Gods Love never fails or fades away. Blessed is the God and Father of our Lord Yahshua (Jesus) Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessings in the heavens and here on the earth, And has reserved a place for us in heavenly houses not built with human hands. The Lord will have you walk in faith my brothers and sisters onto the salvation of your souls through the undeserved Grace of His Son Yahshua (Jesus) Christ. As we walk in faith and grace, we are all under a heavy load with various personal temptations, Our faith will be tested and tried, A faith that is more precious than Silver or Gold, As His fire tests and purifies, with the convicting and all consuming fire of His Holy Spirit, we then maybe found worthy to escape the coming judgment of our Lord God Yahshua (Jesus) Christ.

No Greater Joy then Faith In Yahshua (Jesus) Christ

Will you have faith even onto the death of your self and live? Or will you pursue your self interests and die? Will you pursue His Holy Spirit, And subdue the desires of the flesh? Or will you pursue the desires of your flesh and suffer the ultimate condemnation of eternal punishment and despair away from the presence of the Almighty God. There is No Greater Joy and No Higher Praise to our God then our faith in Him, And no greater gift or blessing then our Lord God can give, then the free gift of His Grace to the Salvation of our Souls. This is the same Salvation the prophets of the past, had prayed and searched diligently for, And the same Grace that was prophesied that Yahweh God would provide to us in the present time. They searched for what manner and time the Spirit of Christ in them would signify His return and they testified beforehand of the pain and humiliation Christ would suffer, and the glory that would precede His return. The prophets wondered to whom it would be revealed, for it was not in their time but unto us in these last days. The prophets did minister of these things, which are now being revealed to us by His Holy Spirit, sent down from heaven to guide us into this precious faith and revelation knowledge, these are the promises the angels desire to see and watch for as they are revealed through and in us in their presence.

Prepare Your Mind For Battle

Prepare the your mind for battle by being of a sober and sound mind and expect with confidence, A clear revelation of Yahshua (Jesus) Christ in you heart and Spirit; be submissive and willing children, and do not conform to the former lusts and desires of your youth when you were fed with the milk of the Word and not meat of His Spirit. God has called you to be dedicated and determined for He is Holy, so you shall be Holy. So as you call on the Father, who has no favorites but judges according to your thoughts and actions, show care and thought to your future by passing the little time we have left in this world in fear of his final judgement. It should be clear we are not redeemed with corruptible things, such as silver or gold, or from useless conversation that has no value like the beliefs and doctrine of the many generations before you; But by following after the death and resurrection of Yahshua (Jesus) Christ, who became the sacrificial lamb for our sins and imperfections. Christ had been appointed to die before the creation of the earth, He appeared in person so that those that believe in Yahweh God, who raised His Son from the dead, would give him the glory and honor, so that your faith and hope might be in His Father God. See that you purify your soul by obeying His truth through His Spirit until you have genuine love for your brothers and sisters, and that in so doing you love each other with a pure and clean heart with passion and emotion: Being born again, not of a corruptible offspring, but of an incorruptible, by the Word of Yahweh God, that lives inside of His redeemed Sons and Daughters forever and ever. Our lives are like grass that lives for a short time and then fades away, like dust in the wind: But the Words and the ways of our Lord endure forever. And this is the words and teachings that Our Lord would have me reveal to you in the last days of this current and fallen world.

Washed In His Holy Spirit 

Furthermore Brothers and Sisters: You should not be Unlearned of how some of your ancestors were under a cloud of deception, When they were Baptized by water unto a new life, but never pushed through to receive the Holy Spirit of truth that is only found through the indwelling presence of Yahweh God’s Spirit living in and through us. The Law and sacrifices in the time of Moses, were just the beginning of what was to come and was not complete in its purpose and use, As the sacrifices they offered year after year, could never hope to make them perfect. For when the sacrifice was over they continued to live in their sins, oftentimes not even remembering what their sacrifice and offering was for, and or not even caring. When after they were purged from their sins, not living in His Holy Spirit; they found it impossible to not sin anymore and returned back to their former sin. Let us draw near each other with a true heart in full assurance of our faith, with our hearts cleansed from any evil thoughts and desires, And our bodies washed with the pure water of the Holy Spirit of God. Let us hold fast our profession of faith without wavering, for God is faithful to us with His promises. Let us consider the needs of others with love and help guide them into good and honest works, not abandoning the gathering together of ourselves, with those of like and precious faith. Lift up one another as often as we can, And pray for one another as His Holy Spirit leads you, As we see the appointed time of our Lord soon approaching. Amen, Amen, Amen

By: Matthew W Conway a son of Yahweh 

Author: The Way Of God

Sons and Daughters of God

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