In The Spirit Of Elijah!


And the Spirit of God says,
He will save many from the effects of ignorance, leading men back to the fold of God, Whom he will serve with the spirit and power which was once Elijah’s. He will turn the hearts of fathers and mothers towards the welfare of their children, and those who have fallen away from the teachings of their fathers towards the wisdom of the Holy Spirit. He will go before the people like a flag bearer before the battle, like a prophet of old, to make ready a people purified and dedicated to Yahweh the Most High God.”
“He shall go before the people, proclaiming the way of Yahweh, providing true knowledge of salvation and deliverance to the Son’s and Daughter’s of God. He will act as a living vessel of Yahshua the Lord on high, And will awaken them who sit in darkness and not in the light. He will console those at the point of death, And guide the feet of men in the ways of the Father, by truth and love.”
“He comes to the Father as to a living stone that was rejected by men, he is choice and precious in the sight of Yah. He is of the spiritual house of Yahweh and the holy priesthood of Yahshua, he has chosen to offer himself as a spiritual sacrifice acceptable to God, through His Son Yahshua (Jesus) Christ.”
“He is a leader among men, And a sanctified possession of God. He proclaims the excellency of Our Lord, Leading God’s chosen ones out of the darkness, And into His glorious light.”
Amen, Amen, Amen
Matthew W Conway
Redeemed son of Yahweh

Author: The Way Of God

Sons and Daughters of God

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  1. Matt, as you share with me you bring to me a huge amount of joy. It has a particularly healing effect on the old ticker. I am recovering nicely in rehab now, making great strides, thank you, Yahweh. Around May 25th the new book arrives. I will bring you a copy. It is thrilling to me that others are desiring to read the books. The new book is my magnum opus; it dives deeper into the Father’s heart, into His intimate thoughts about what He wants to get out of all of this. You are going to be thrilled with this truth in new book. I’ll come to visit you and bring copies…I would like to meet our new brethren there at the church you mentioned. True fellowship is a rare thing today. Yah bless you as you keep putting His name out there, and the Oneness too. Loving it. Wayne

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